Excellence is a Choice...

So is Mediocrity

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Colorado Institute for Excellence

Helping organizations and individuals achieve excellence through a systematic and relentless strategy of continuous improvement

The formula is simple…

Excellent People + Excellent Processes = Excellent Performance

Instill positive accountability and raise the bar of performance 

  • Use the R Factor™ approach to develop high performing teams
  • Increase Engagement, loyalty, productivity and retention
  • Create and sustain a Culture of Excellence
  • Discern the best use of people’s time, as it relates to Value Added Work
  • Develop the capabilities for managers and supervisors to become excellent leaders
  • Align all goals and expectations for the pursuit of excellence
  • Use the Myers-Briggs (MBTI) profile to improve relationships and performance
  • Overcome Unconscious Biases
  • Run effective and efficient in-person or Virtual Meetings

Improve all work through the continuous improvement of processes

  • Discover how wasted time, materials, capital and lost opportunities impact your bottom line
  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of all processes
  • Track the most meaningful process measures that impact your organization’s success
  • Develop competency-based training for more consistent and predictable processes

A sustained Culture of Excellence results In:

  • An improved bottom line with reduced costs (waste in processes) and increased revenue
  • Engaged employees who find joy in their work
  • Recognition as an excellent organization, attracting outstanding customers, team members, investors and donors

 There are reasons why some organizations are excellent and others are not. It involves more than luck or even determination. It has to do with knowing how to use proven concepts and simple, yet powerful, techniques to create a culture of excellence – where people excel and all processes run smoothly and effectively.


  • Businesses

  • Non-Profits

  • Government Agencies

  • Teams

  • Families

  • Individuals