Are You a Leader Who Can Lean-In During a Crisis?

Apr 15, 2020 | Leadership

woman leaning forward

Here we are. Spring of 2020. A world-wide Pandemic. Like nothing anyone has ever seen.

It’s new territory, new endings, new beginnings. I don’t know anyone, with the exception of those in the infectious disease expertise, who could have prepared for this time.

Who would have thought that businesses would be faced with having to furlough, lay off and contract their businesses to such a degree? It’s unprecedented.

Now more than ever, your clients, your employees, your teams and even your families, are looking for the leaders. Just like Mr. Rogers would tell us to look for the helpers. Look for the leaders.

You will recognize them. They will be brave. Not afraid to stand up and be there for you. They will swim through the mountains of confusion to understand how to help you and your family during these tough times. They will not hesitate to serve.

They will recognize the main currency will be trust. Knowing this is what their employees and customers need now more than ever. They won’t continue to go after the dollar. They know they this too shall pass, and will move through the stages of grief to better serve.

They know their clients and customers will be suffering from decision fatigue. It will be too overwhelming for some. The burden too great. But they will offer simple, straight-forward reminders. They know you know what to do. But sometimes during a crisis, we tend to forget. Our brain doesn’t function the way it would during normal times, and they have the emotional intelligence to understand that.

They will find those who need more than just reminders, and offer them instruction, guidance and advice. Even if it’s to seek deeper professional help. They themselves have overcome a crisis in their lives, and know how to work through this better than most.

These are the leaders who lean in. The ones we realize we can’t live without.

The leaders who contract…well… your customers and employees may realize that type of leader is irrelevant.